Alpine Arizona


About Us

Dan O’Neill

  1. -Entrepreneur

  2. -Entrepreneur Coach

  3. -ASU Teacher

  4. -Innovator

  5. -Top Notch Husband

  6. -Lover of Mountains

Jenny Lucier

  1. -Chief Cook & Bottle Washer

  2. -Hiking-Guide-To-Be

  3. -Adoring Wife

  4. -Wanna-be Photographer

  5. -Lover of Mountains


   The home in the shadow of Escudilla Mountain was built by Jenny’s Mom, “Charley” almost 40 years ago.  At one time Charley owned not only the house and meadow, but also the lodge next door.  Over the years, through some interesting twists and turns, the house passed to Dan and Jenny and the meadow to Jenny and her siblings.  It’s hard for Dan and Jenny to imagine being more fortunate than to have ended up having this wonderful place they call Charley’s Mountain Retreat. 

     Charley was a gracious, loving host to all who passed through her life.  So it was only fitting that when Dan and Jenny ended up with her home, they decided to share the joy of the place with others.

Note: all photographs on this website were taken by Jenny Lucier. 

Please respect their copyright.

A Bit of History

“Her name was Charley...I knew I was in the presence of a woman of great fairness, generosity and humility.”     Ric D.